A small Introduction of Bagheli !!!

Bagheli (: बघेली or बाघेली) is a language of the Baghelkhand region of central India. It is often considered to be a dialect of Hindi language, and is classified such by the Indian Census Report (1991).
The Bagheli speakers are found mainly in six districts of Madhya Pradesh (Rewa, Satna, Sidhi,Shahdol, Umaria and Anuppur), and also in some districts of Uttar Pradesh like Allahabad and Mirzapur. The language spoken in Baghelkhand has been known as Bagheli since the 13th century. Bagheli is a regional language used for intra-group and inter-group communication. It is also known as Baghelkhandi, Rimahi and Riwai (Rewa district).
Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Shukla is the first person who introduced Bagheli to the rest of the world through Akashwani Bhopal. His book BAGHELI SAHITYA KA ITIHAS is the original book from which one can get all the basic knowledge about Bagheli language and Bagheli culture. Rajiv Lochan Sharma is the first person to broadcast Bagheli poetry at AIR Bhopal. Mr. Sharma is the recepiant of 'Akshar Aditya'award for the development of Bagheli.Famous ANAND RAGHUNANDAN Hindi play, which is the first Hindi play (According to Dr. Ramchandra Shukla and Bharatendu Harishchandra) was written in Rewa by Maharaja Vishwanath Singh. It's language is not Bagheli but it is Braj.Yogesh Tripathi is the first person to write full length original Bagheli stage play CHHAHUR totally based on bagheli folk and culture. He also staged and directed this play in Madhya Pradesh Natya Samaroh at Damoh in the year 2005. He is recepiant of Mohan Rakesh Award, for his well known book MUJHE AMRITA CHAHIYE


  1. its great effort to promote our mother tongue but more home work is required....nyways grt effort

  2. Bagheli sahitya ke gadyakar Rairanjan Singh ki pustak 'REWA TAB AUR AB'aur unke blog bhi mahatwapurn hai bagheli sahitya samajhane ke liye